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“Biryani Hi Bana Lete,” Reacts Angry Twitter On Chai Of Coconut Milk, Maple Syrup & Lots Of Spices


“Biryani Hi Bana Lete,” Reacts Angry Twitter On Chai Of Coconut Milk, Maple Syrup & Lots Of Spices

Tea or chai holds a special importance in the lives of Indians and it is not just any hot drink or beverage for them. In fact, Indians have an emotional connection with the tea and people also show respect to the guest by offering tea when somebody comes at their house. Many people may think that tea is just a refreshment drink but in reality, it is also used as a medicinal drink. Adding Tulsi, ginger and cardamom not only increases the taste of tea but also adds medicinal value to it.

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Well, while the tea has such a special place in our lives, the majority of the Indians hate to see someone experimenting with their favorite drink. For a couple of days, a video is going viral on the Internet which is teaching people how to make chai latte with maple syrup, unsweetened coconut milk and a good variety of spices which are absolutely unnecessary as far as tea is concerned.

The video has been posted by WedMD, an online publisher that focuses on issues related to human health, on the micro-blogging site Twitter with caption, “Learn how to make a chai latte — without the coffee shop price tag.”

Here is the video:

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After watching the video, the Indian tea lovers were horrified at the crime committed in the name of their favorite drink. Some of them even advised WebMD to prepare biryani because of the unnecessary spices that they have used while few others said that whatever WebMD made can’t be called chai because of the bright color that it has.

Check out some of the selected reactions:
















What is your reaction after watching this video? Will you dare to take this tea?

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