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The Blame Game Overshadows The Real Tragedy! Do The Victims Really Deserve This?


The Blame Game Overshadows The Real Tragedy! Do The Victims Really Deserve This?

2017 comes up as one of those rare years when two of the most cherished festivals of India, Janmashtami and Independence Day, fall on two successive days. The former signifies the child within us and the latter redefines freedom for our nation. What could have been a jovial time for the whole nation, now stands marred by one of the most tragic incidents of our country. Over 70 children have died so far due to an alleged shortage of oxygen supply in a state-run hospital of Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur constituency.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath had visited the hospital right when the supply was supposed to be disrupted which added a political angle to the tragic incident. Ever since then a blame game has kicked off with doctors of the hospital on one side and the UP government on the other side.

This is one side of the spectrum where people are blaming the UP government for the tragic incident!

A relevant question!

Straight to the point!

Such tragic reactions!

Money for the cows, not for the humans!

Evidently, the supporters were not going to take it. The replies were staunch enough to light up the blame game!

Allegations were unearthed somehow!

A few old tweets are never bad!

In Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal has called for a meeting to check the situation of hospitals in Delhi exemplifying the way a government is supposed to enact. On a neutral note, the only question that needs to be answered is that does any of these tweets/suggestions/blames point towards a solution or a compensation for the victims? What exactly should be done to ensure justice for the innocents who’ve lost their lives?

The answer is simple; every single name involved should be thoroughly probed. From the doctors to the directors, from the CM to the PM, every single person or authority who is to be blamed should be completely investigated and punished. Being a CM should not hand a person the liberty to walk free after killing so many children.

It is time for every single voter in UP and Gorakhpur to use their own authority and help the lost souls meet justice. Yes, there have been deaths every year in the same time frame due to the deadly disease but this time it is more related to negligence of Government and doctors that only worsens the case and asks for an investigation of the highest scale.

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