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Blue Black or Golden White? Both are Right

Blue Black or Golden White? Both are Right RVCJ Media


Blue Black or Golden White? Both are Right

The mystery surrounding the color of the dress which was uploaded a few days back in Tumblr has been finally solved. The dress which went viral like crazy was argued to be golden white, while it appeared to be blue and black.


Majority are though saying it to be golden and white, rather than blue black. Here is the science behind the color-confusion. But don’t worry, all of you are right.

Logical Science

The reason, it is our eyes which is compelling us to look at the dress in variant dual color tone. Generally, when a color is shown to us in some background lights with shadow , it makes up for that color only. The fuss surrounding the color of the dress is genuinely because of the background light, since you cannot see anything in the background, your mind manages to make assumptions.
Our mind interprets that the picture was clicked in a blue-lit room, thus making the assumption that the dress is golden and white. In the other case, if your brain interprets the dress in an artificially-lit setting like a room with yellow light, the brain seen the golden color just as a reflection of black and believes the blue has been unaffected.

What color do you see? Does science satisfies your question? Comment below

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