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BMW’s New Motorcycle Is So Smart That It Won’t Crash, You Don’t Even Need A Helmet To Ride It!

BMW's New Motorcycle Is So Smart That It Won't Crash, You Don't Even Need A Helmet To Ride It! RVCJ Media


BMW’s New Motorcycle Is So Smart That It Won’t Crash, You Don’t Even Need A Helmet To Ride It!

This is the motorcycle of the future, this motorcycle is so safe that the riders can cruise without wearing a helmet. It won’t even tip or crash.

This is how the motorcycles will be in 2116. BMW displayed a conceptual bike called the ‘Vision Next 100’, a stylish, sleek, self-balancing prototype that keeps itself upright while driving or standing.

BMW Motorcycle

The Future Is Here

BMW Bike Future 100 Vision

On Tuesday in Santa Monica, California, BMW Group showed the concept for its BMW Motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’. An artificially intelligent bike with zero emission, it has self-balancing wheels designed to stand upright which will prevent it from crashing, the self-balancing system and bike’s stability will protect its rider from accidents. In the future the motorcycle riders will be able to enjoy riding without wearing protective gear such as helmet, all they need is to put up a bionic suit instead of the leather jacket.

It is the safest and the most advanced motorcycle!

BMW Bike

BMW Motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’ has the most interesting feature in the form of an operating system called “digital companion”. The artificial intelligent system comes in the form of augmented reality glasses which gathers data from the rider’s field of vision. It guides and alerts the rider of the potential road hazards, communicates it to the motorcycle for a safer ride. It suggests the rider of the banking angles when going through a turn. If the rider fails to position the bike properly, the bike corrects itself. This smart system results in a smoother ride.

A sleek minimalist design makes the bike more awesome!

A black carbon body and red fixtures below the seat serve as tail and turn lights. The motorcycle from the movie ‘Tron’ had to be an inspiration for BMW Motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’. Holger Hampf, head of design and customer experience, at the BMW Group said,

When we develop a motorcycle, we are usually thinking around five to ten years in the future. It was important to us that the analogue riding experience would remain undisturbed. The display and operating concept acts so discreetly that it creates a natural and familiar movement.


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