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Bodybuilding Supplements That Actually Work


Bodybuilding Supplements That Actually Work

What is the first thing that the word “Bodybuilding” brings to your mind? Big, bulky, strong looking guys with biceps bigger than your head, right? Now add to that word, “supplements”. Bodybuilding supplements! Honestly, we all feel so differently about the use of supplements, from it’s actual objective that there is a serious need for change in perspective and an opportunity to seriously understand what these supplements really do to our body.

As a society, there is a need to understand that body consciousness is as grave a situation for thin, underweight people, as it is for fat-shamed people. There can be several reasons for a person being incredibly thin and in need of weight gain; most of which could either be related to an unhealthy, deprived lifestyle, incredible high metabolism or lack of an appetite due to certain emotional reasons/disorders. This is where bodybuilding supplements play a pivotal role in transforming the life of a person in need of some “serious mass” – literally and as a brand dealing in weight gaining supplements.

It is crucial to understand and demarcate between simple protein shakes that, as the name suggests, only have a high content of protein used for buffing up the muscle mass, versus a weight gaining supplement which has a combination of carbohydrates, protein and multi-vitamins – it’s essentially a wholesome meal in a scoop! The biggest advantage of incorporating bodybuilding supplements in your lifestyle is just the sheer fact that it packs so much nutrient and energy of a well-balanced meal, which you would get out of enormous inhuman proportions of food that is not feasible for a person to eat within a stipulated amount of time. Just think of how incredible it is for a person with eating disorders or low appetite to gain so much energy and nutrition by simply mixing up a portion of the supplement with a liquid of their choice and having a proper meal on the go, that too with incredible results!

Having said that, it’s imperative for everyone reading this, to understand that supplements do not just work overnight by themselves but must be complemented with other things like proper food, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. The reason why supplements receive flak more often than not isn’t due to the product or what it’s promoting, but more so due to the misguided use and often, abuse of the supplements. We need to understand that bodybuilding supplements are exactly what the name suggests; they are supplemental to a proper diet, workout and active lifestyle that will help a person achieve a healthier body type and they simply act as catalysts to the process, to prove additional nutrition the body might need.

For someone to skip meals and simply grab a scoop of Russian Bear, mix it up with a liquid, thinking that it replaces the sheer need of holistic meals is taking the wrong approach. It is of utmost importance for everyone to ensure that they identify what their body needs and consume these supplements as a way of making their physicality better; not just out of sheer fashion or social pressure. So, if you respect your body, treat it well and understand what it needs, then there’s nothing a great supplement can’t do.

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