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This Bollywood Actor Got 7th Rank In AIEEE & Dropped Out From India’s Topmost Engg. College!

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This Bollywood Actor Got 7th Rank In AIEEE & Dropped Out From India’s Topmost Engg. College!

Life is something full of surprises. Life is not a pre planned journey. And if your life is going according to what you or in most of the cases other people have decided for you, then you are not living your life. Life is all about uncertainties. Life is subjective. The future is subjective. Don’t live someone else’s dream, live the life that you dream of.

In this world of ours, where ages are categorised for performing every set of functions in definite period of time, we certainly need a space to think and BREATHE as well. Complete schooling at 18, graduate at 21, master till 23, job from 24 and then, start earning till your kids reaches at the age where you are standing right now. And in the midst of that, don’t forget the pressure that will crank you up while you build up your career.

It is very important to choose right career paths. Many people have a perception that beauty with brain is just a mere phrase and nothing else. Well, people believing on this certainly lacks some knowledge. As life is full uncertainties, you never know where you can end up being. And Chetan Bhagat is the perfect example. From a 9.5 CGPA Mechanical Engineering student to a judge of a dancing reality show. His journey to this stage has a whole different story in itself.

But this article is not about Chetan Bhagat. It is about THAT PERSON who started off by acting in small soap serials and now ended up in playing the role of the biggest cricket star icon of India M.S.Dhoni. He is none other than SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT.


And when you ask for beauty with brain. He is the one we should always look upto. You will find enormous articles which will give you brief history about Sushant Sigh Rajput’s life in terms of Bollywood. But little did you know that this guy was the 7th Rank holder of AIEEE which helped him get a seat into India’s top most college DCE ( Delhi College Of Engineering) which is currently known as DTU (Delhi Technological University). And apart from being one of the toppers of AIEEE, he was also a National Olympiad Winner in Physics. In all, he cleared as many as eleven engineering entrance exams, including for ISM Dhanbad.

However, life is never a pre planned journey. And as a result, we all know that he didn’t end up being a mechanical engineer. While he was a student in his college days, like any other guy, even he went on to do something in extra curricular activities. So by anticipating the best sex ratio in the mechanical engineering class i:e nill, this reason made him to enroll himself in Shiamak Davar’s dance classes which would help him in learning dancing as well as making many new female friends. TODAY, I can feel your struggle buddy.

In the course of time, he was selected in Shiamak Davar’s standard dance troupe which helped him participate in many dancing event. He even enrolled himself in drama classes which were going good for him. But his academic life wasn’t going as smooth. He started to show less interest in his engineering classes which resulted in his poor show in studies. And then he did something which only some of us could or can do. He did what was right in his eyes. He took a decision and without worrying about the consequences aimed for his goals. He dropped out in his 3rd year.


And that is what we should all aspire for. Do what you love, love what you do. If you aren’t happy with what you are doing, then there is definitely no point of doing that. Passion is something that should drive you towards excellence. And if you not excelling in what you are doing, then you are definitely not living your life.

I am not a philosopher or something like the narrator of a movie with a script given in my hand. Yes, this is not an easy job to leave what you have been doing for a while and decide to move right away. Definitely not a wise decision. But if this job is making you feel sick, how bad could the other side of the river can be. Think about it.

I am not asking my fellow readers to dropout from college which is nowadays considered as a trend. Education is always a MUST. Knowledge is the only wealth which increases when we spend it. And this knowledge will always help you in your life in someway or the other.

Life is like tides. Sometimes it is strong and promising, ready to shift and break big mountains, and sometimes it’s just so quiet that you can hear the sound of your heartbeat taking a skip which increases with the hollowness that is dwelling inside you.

Yes, probably you are sad, may be a bit more sad. Maybe today is the saddest day of your life. But what I see is that at least tomorrow there is a possibility that it will be somewhat better than today. Nothing can be worse than worst. If you are not happy right now with what you are doing, then this is the worst thing that you are letting yourself happen. And trying something else can not be worse than this. So give it a shot and maybe you never know, this decision of your life may just click.

Thank You all for baring it with me in this long article. But sometimes we do need such things to look inside of us and think about it for few moments. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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