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Bollywood Celebs Who Messed Up With Salman Khan. Their Career Got Ruined After Fight With Bhai

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Bollywood Celebs Who Messed Up With Salman Khan. Their Career Got Ruined After Fight With Bhai

Salman Khan is one of the most successful actors of the Hindi film industry and for past few years now, all his movies quite easily enter 100 crore club. Taking this into consideration, it won’t be wrong to say that he’s the guarantee of a movie’s success on the box office. His fan base includes people of all ages, classes and interests. People are more than crazy for him and there’s absolutely no denying the fact that he’s among the most powerful celebs of the industry. Sallu Bhai is not only a brilliant actor but also the Godfather for many newcomers who want to step in Bollywood.

In such a situation, it’s obvious for other celebrities and newbies to be careful while behaving with him and take special care that they don’t mess up with him if they want their Bollywood career to go smoothly on and on. However, there have been few celebs who messed up with the “Sultan” actor and had unfavourable outcome of the same.

Here’s the list of those celebrities:

1. Vivek Oberoi

It was known to everyone that Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai were in a relationship but it didn’t work for long as Aish was not able to bear the over-possessive attitude of Salman. After breaking up with Salman, Aishwarya got closer to actor Vivek Oberoi.

Vivek is the son of Bollywood actor Suresh Oberoi and he was pretty successful at that time when he became friendly with Aishwarya. Salman was upset after knowing about their affair and as per Vivek, the “Tubelight” star called him 42 times in a drunken state and harassed him.

Vivek publicly shamed Salman by calling a press meet and disclosing all the details. It had an adverse effect on Vivek’s career and despite him apologising many times, Salman didn’t forgive him.

2. Ranbir Kapoor

A rift was created between Salman and Ranbir when Katrina got closer to the latter and the couple started dating. In fact in Arpita’s wedding, Sallu even took a jibe at Katrina, saying that she missed the chance of changing her surname to Khan and chose to be Kapoor.

3. Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh shocked people when he posted an apology letter all of a sudden on Facebook, asking the star to forgive him and retain his version of “Jag Ghoomeya” in “Sultan”. Salman didn’t reply to his apology and Arijit later deleted his post.

It’s said that it all started when in an awards show in which Salman was anchor, Arijit said to Salman, “Sula diya aap logo ne” as he went on the stage to receive the award. Arijit was allegedly spotted sleeping and even when his name was announced for the award, someone woke him up.

4. Renuka Shahane

“Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!” can easily be called one of the best movies of Salman Khan in which he worked with actress Renuka Shahane and their Bhabhi-Devar chemistry was appreciated a lot by audiences.

However, when Salman was acquitted from the Black Buck case after the case ran in court for 18 years, it didn’t go well with Renuka. She took to Facebook and slammed the decision. It is being said that her post infuriated Salman which is quite obvious.

5. Zubair Khan (Contestant of Bigg Boss 11)

Zubair Khan has been one of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss and it was alleged that he presented some wrong facts about his real identity. However, he got scolded by Salman for his misbehaviour in one of the episodes. In return, the contestant argued and quarrelled to such level that Salman asked him to leave the show. Zubair threatened Salman of dire consequences as he said,

“I’m not Vivek Oberoi… Mai teri bajauna… Zubair Khan bhookha rahega na, tu usko khilayega.”

He also threatened that he would file an FIR against Salman but that didn’t happen.

6. Anurag Kashyap

Very few people know that “Tere Naam” was supposed to be directed by Anurag Kashyap but he was disinterested in casting Salman Khan as the character was of a guy from Uttar Pradesh. Anurag believed that Salman was not the perfect choice for the role but producers were keen on Sallu. For making him step into the shoes of a UP guy, Anurag asked him to grow chest hair.

Here’s what the director stated, as reported by,

“I told whole suggestion to Salman and asked the actor to grow some hair on his chest. When I said this to him, he was just staring at me and didn’t say a single word to me. Next day Anurag got a call from the producer and he reached to meet him at his office. The producer throws a glass bottle to him and said – ‘Saale Tu Salman Ko Baal Ugane Ko Bolega’.”

Subsequent to that incident, Salman and Anurag avoid each other. After some years, “Dabangg 2” was offered to Abhinav Kashyap, brother of Anurag, but he denied directing the movie. This irked Salman and Arbaaz and the latter directed the flick later.

Anurag Kashyap took to Twitter and wrote,

“Salman Khan thinks he made my brother’s life. Hope he does the same for Arbaaz when he does Dabangg 2. All The Best. My brother doesn’t need anyone… they will need him…”

7. Sona Mohapatra

It is said that once superstar Salman Khan and singer Sona Mohapatra were not on the same platform with regard to composing a song and the differences increased so much that they are not on talking terms nowadays. In fact, Sona was one of the first celebrities to slam Salman when he made a controversial statement referring to a raped woman when he was asked how he felt after the training session for “Sultan”.

Do you know about more such celebs? Share with us.


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