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Bollywood Celebs React To Salman Khan’s Conviction!! Abhijeet Was High While Tweeting!!

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Bollywood Celebs React To Salman Khan’s Conviction!! Abhijeet Was High While Tweeting!!

This is it. A Long wait for the Hit & Run Judgement is now over. After 13 Years Mumbai Sessions Court today announced its judgement on the 2002 Hit & Run case.
Salman Khan was found Guilty and was Sentenced for 5 Years for killing One man and Injuring 4 Others in Sept 2002.
Though recently the case took a sudden twist when Salman Khan’s Driver came forward and announced that it was he who was behind the wheels and not Salman but the Court refused to accept his statement and convicted Salman Khan. The Court today at around 1:30pm announced its Judgement to sentence the Actor to 5 years jail term.
With the Judgement came numerous reactions of Salman Fans. The news shook even the BTown and several Celebs who stood by Salman Khan had reacted to the judgement. Here are the reactions of the Celebs to the Judgement which went against the much loved Actor of BTown.

And then we have someone who may be was Drunk while tweeting or was out of his Mind. Abhijeet remember that partially bald guy who was once a Judge in INDIAN IDOL? How irresponsibly can he tweets something like this and call all the needy people sleeping on roads as DOGS -_-

Somebody please remind him that they were on Footpath and not on the Road. And If sleeping on Footpath is Wrong, Abhijeet would you mind answering who and where is it accepted to drive your car on a footpath?

What do you guys think about the Judgement? Salman Khan is a Generous Man but coming to Law it should be equal for all. And people like Abhijeet and Vishal Dadlaani should once think of the innocent woman who is struggling to run her family all alone since 2002.

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