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Bollywood Takes Major Step After Pulwama Incident & Bans Pakistani Artists, Twitter Supports It


Bollywood Takes Major Step After Pulwama Incident & Bans Pakistani Artists, Twitter Supports It

After the 2016 Uri tragedy,our social media was flooded with a raging debate to ban all Pakistani artists from all the section of the industry. But, our artists always supported the healthy exchange of cultures between the two nations.

Attaining and expecting peace between India and Pakistan should never be seen as a viable option, as every time we try to maintain harmony a terrorist intrusion knocks everything out of it.

The nationalists were always for this notion of banning any cultural associations with the Pakistanis.But the liberals always against this ban. They said the artists never took up guns or took lives of people so why should they suffer.

So here is the subtle connection between all. All Pakistani artists are Pakistani citizens so they are liable to pay taxes to their government. Now these money in turn are used for a smooth run of Pakistan’s intelligence agency (ISI) and army, both of which are in cahoots with the LeT and the JeD.

Even recent expert reports suggest that maybe the new ISI chief Munir has something to do with the recent Pulwama incident. So if we are paying the Pakistani artists then indirectly we are funding our own destruction as well.

So, this ban has been implemented as a strict and firm response to the shameful incident that took lives of more than forty of our CRPF jawans. Federation Of Western India Cine Employees(FWICE) and Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association(IFTDA) orchestrated and announced this ban as protest.

So, this is the time when apart from economic as well as military isolation, cultural isolation is much needed. We must not stop appreciating their talents but should definitely be with what is best for our nation.

This is what people feel about the ban:









So, what is your opinion on this ban?

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