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Boy Dies After His Girlfriend Gives Him Love Bite !!

Boy Dies After His Girlfriend Gives Him Love Bite !! RVCJ Media


Boy Dies After His Girlfriend Gives Him Love Bite !!

People say ‘Love Never Dies’, but little do they say that Love makes people DIE. We human are tight balloons of emotions which is always ready to burst out. The bursting phenomenon can be either positive or negative or sometimes both. He can be happy, sad or excited. And this excitement caused the death of 17 Years old Mexican boy. Read further to know more.

angry girlfriend

In the defense of BOYS, relationships are indeed not that easy to handle. Well, I am not talking about your regular candle night dinners, remembering her birthday, her puppy’s birthday, her favorite nail paint and etc. When she is moody and angry it is always advisable to get out of her way. But when she is excited, to your surprise, from now on, it is still advisable to get out of her way. Confused ?

angry gf

Well, the most recent news that has hit the social media is something worth sharing among all those toddlers who thinks getting a hickey or in a more so called sophisticated way a LOVE BITE is something to be proud off. A young guy as old as 16-17 named Julio Macia Gonzalez died just after he and his girlfriend made out. None of them had any STDs and even if they had ( which they didn’t ), it still would have taken months to see the symptoms.

The cause of death is speculated to be because of stroke that struck him while he was enjoying his dinner along with his family. While he was having his dinner, he felt something disturbing and finally fell off. Gonzalez parents called up the emergency operators and explained them about the incident. Upon arrival, the paramedics team tried lifesaving measures, but it was too late. The teen had passed and was pronounced dead at the scene.

love bite

According to the medical reports, the cause of stroke is said to be because of the blood clot formed on his neck that traveled to his brain which later on caused Stroke. According to Gonzalez’s parents, his girlfriend came later that evening and that is when the possibility of such a thing can happen.

According to The Sun, “It is believed the suction from the love bite was the cause of the clot which travelled to his brain, triggering a stroke.”

According to the National Stroke Association – In every 40 seconds, someone in America suffers with a Stroke which indeed claims someone’s life in every 4 minutes. It is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. The organization defines this as a “brain attack.”

blood clot stroke

Although our love birds readers don’t really need to worry about it as death through hickey is a very rare case. The last time something like this ever happened was when a New Zealand woman suffered a stroke when her partner sucked her too hard and created a blood clot in her neck, which not only led to a stroke, but also paralyzed her left arm.

Well, no wonder our elders say that the younger generation needs to calm down.

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