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Boy Killed Teacher After He Scolded Him For Talking To Girl & Made A Complaint To Their Parents


Boy Killed Teacher After He Scolded Him For Talking To Girl & Made A Complaint To Their Parents

There was a time when teachers were considered equivalent to God but nowadays we get to hear instances in which school students threaten their teachers and in a recent horrific case, a college student killed his English lecturer.

On Wednesday, the crime investigation agency of Rohtak arrested Jagmal Singh (19) who fled away after killing Rajesh Malik (40), his English lecturer at Shaheed Dalbir Singh Government College which is located in Pipli village of Sonepat district.

Jagmal was in the second year of his B.A. course and he was not happy with Rajesh as he not only scolded him for talking to his female friend but also complained about it to the parents of Jagmal and his female friend.

Inspector Indivar Singh, who lead the CIA team and caught Jagmal within 36 hours of committing the crime, said,

“Around two months ago, Malik had scolded Jagmal for disturbing the class by talking to a girl. Jagmal had fought back, asking the teacher what was his problem if he was talking to his female friend. Due to Jagmal’s rude behavior, Malik complained to both his and the girl’s parents about them talking and disturbing the class.”

Police also said that after Rajesh complained to the girl’s parents, she started ignoring Jagmal and this made him upset.

In the words of Indivar Singh,

“This made Jagmal angry. He held a grudge against Malik and started planning his murder one month ago along with his friends.”

The accused stole the licensed revolver of his uncle on Tuesday morning, took it to his college and fired four bullets at Rajesh who was sitting in the steno room with his daughter of 14 yrs. Jagmal fled away from the crime scene but a clerk saw him killing the lecturer. Rajesh was declared dead by the doctors when he was taken to hospital.

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The college principal Ravi Prakash Arya stated that Rajesh Malik had always made sure that discipline is not broken in the college as he further stated,

“We had to rusticate some boys in the past for harassing girls. It was imperative that professors maintain discipline.”

Police also told that with the help of his friends, Jagmal reached Gurgaon where his cousins are staying. He took a train to Rewari in the late night of Tuesday and stayed at the station in night. He was going to Rohtak via bus to stay with a friend on Wednesday when he was caught by police.

Two friends of Jagmal have also been arrested for helping him. Besides, Jagmal’s uncle whose revolver he stole to commit the crime is also under arrest. Police booked an assistant professor for encouraging Jagmal to commit murder but her role in this case can’t be proved.

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