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Boy Makes Master Plan Of Public Fight So Parents Don’t See Bad Remarks On Report Card, Hats Off


Boy Makes Master Plan Of Public Fight So Parents Don’t See Bad Remarks On Report Card, Hats Off

There is no denying the fact that school life is the most wonderful time of our lives but the tragedy is that we understand this fact after our school life is over. However, the memories of those beautiful times are always with us and we can just get nostalgic thinking about them. While there are some kids who never get indulged in any activity which is not liked by teachers, several students always keep on committing naughty acts and get scolded or even punished by the teachers.

However, the most difficult time comes when the report card is issued because everyone is worried about the marks and if the students are really very naughty, the teachers don’t mind giving remarks on their report card which makes it more difficult for the students to get it signed by their parents.

Have you been a naughty student? If yes, have you ever got bad remarks on your report card and how did you get it signed it by your parents? Well, no need to answer as we are going to tell you about a kid who devised a superb plan so that his parents don’t see the bad remarks that his teacher gave on the school report card.

An online user narrated the whole incident on the micro-blogging site Twitter. He told that the teacher wrote “rude, arrogant and disruptive to class” in the remarks section and he had to get it signed it by his parents. He further wrote that many people might have chosen forgery but that is not his style; instead he talked to his friend and asked him to fight on the collection day. On the collection day, the Twitter user made a small scene after which fight started and the report card got ripped in half during the fight. The teacher was pretty upset but she didn’t have any other option than giving him a new report card which neither had the old marks nor any remarks.

Here are the tweets in which he narrated the whole incident:

Soon people started reacting, here are some selected tweets:











Were you also so clever during your school days?

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