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Brave Police Constable Jumps Off A Bridge To Save A Man From Drowning!!


Brave Police Constable Jumps Off A Bridge To Save A Man From Drowning!!

Where most of the news these days contain news about how police personnel are misusing their powers against the common man or how police in Gujrat are destroying the public property etc, there a small news of how a Police Constable saved a life of a man will give make you think good about the Indian Police. Indian Police have always been in news mostly for the wrong reasons. Indian Police go by their slogan “With The People & For The People Always”. But How many of us really feel secure to see a Police constable around us? How many of us are comfortable with the thing that there should be atleast one Police Personnel standing at every crossroads? Very Few!!
Let me now take you through something which will restore your faith in the Administration & Police once again.
This is the story of a 24 Year Old Trainee Constable Manoj Barahate, who was on his duty in ongoing Kumbh taking place in Nashik. While his regular Patrolling on the bridge he saw a man who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge into the river. While other were watching and finding alternatives to save the drowning man, Manoj came running from behind and jumped off the 20feet high bridge to save the Man.Manoj

The CCTV footage shows how Manoj risked his life to save the life of the man jumping off the bridge.
Watch the video here :

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