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Breaking News – Yuvraj Singh’s Father Arrested

Breaking News - Yuvraj Singh's Father Arrested RVCJ Media


Breaking News – Yuvraj Singh’s Father Arrested

We recently saw Yuvraj’s father coming in front of the media and smashing Dhoni with abusive language. He said to the media that Dhoni is the reason of Yuvraj’s exclusion from the World Cup. This video went viral but in case you haven’t seen it yet:-

Check out the video of Yuvraj’s father blamed Dhoni by clicking here


Even you must be wondering that how this statement can result in arrest as everyone has freedom of speech. You are correct & there is no relation of these 2 news.

This arrest news is of 25th Aug 2014 and we thought of trolling our users with this shocking arrest news ;). I know you want to kill us right away but this page is famous for it’s trolling. We have trolled almost every celebrity but never got a chance to troll our fans. This is first time when we thought of trolling our fans with light humour ;). You can troll your friends too by sharing this link on your Facebook wall or Whatsapp 😉

Thank us later.

If you want to know why he got arrested on 25th Aug 2014 then here is full story. Yuvraj’s family had a party at their house. Yograj’s sister and her family had a argument with their neighbours over parking. Watch the video of this news:-

Stay happy & don’t flood the comment box with your anger ;).. We want to see some good comments. In case you felt bad then we are extremely sorry and we apologize but trolling is fun 😉

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