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This Is How You Can Make This Mothers’ Day Your Mom’s Best Ever! Ever!

Mothers day


This Is How You Can Make This Mothers’ Day Your Mom’s Best Ever! Ever!

Mothers are unbelievable superwomen. They made you who you are. Yes, you! And no matter how you may have fought with her while growing up – about studies, boyfriends/girlfriends, about your hairstyle and whether you deserve a mobile phone – when you grow up, no one compares to Mommy. No one. And that’s when you realize how hard she has worked so you could become the amazing person you are today. So why not make friends with her? And hang out with her this Mothers’ Day like you’d hang out with a friend? Here, we’ve got the perfect ideas about making her day special!

Take Mum From Delhi to beautiful McLeodganj

Tibetan handicrafts at Mcleodganj

Buy Mom every handicraft she wants!

If you are in or near Delhi, you have a lot of different places you could take mom to, but McLeodganj is arguably the best of them. Start her day with a visit to the Tibetan Handicrafts Center. If you see a carpet has caught her fancy, just buy it for her, and then take a photo of her with all the Tibetan children there. When you are done, take her for a scrumptious lunch at Seed Café – and see her smile at the beauty of the Dhauladhar range up ahead in the distance through the glass walls of the restaurant. Then drive her to the Tsuglagkhang  Complex. It is the official residence of the Dalai Lama, and one of the most serenely spiritual places you can get to. Let her enjoy the calm, peaceful flavour of the place. Sit with her as she listens to the lamas chanting their afternoon prayers. Then, take her shopping again. McLo, as it fondly known, has rows of shops of junk jewelry and handicrafts that line the streets on both sides and Indulge her buying souvenirs and little Buddha statues for home. Buy her whatever she lays her eyes on – bead necklaces, bronze statues, Tibetan iconography – anything, and then take her for dinner and coffee at Tibet Kitchen – their shapta (roasted lamb with onion) isn’t as good as Mom’s cooking, but it’s still something! Wrap up with a hug at night – it’ll make her forget every temper tantrum you threw as a kid!

Head From Mumbai/Bangalore/Pune to Goa (Where else?!)

Dinner at Thalassa

Treat Mom to a Dinner to Remember!

Goa with Mom?! Well, yeah! Because this time you are taking her there as a friend. Head straight to the beach at Baga, and coax her to try banana boating. Tell her how it’s like, and when she doesn’t agree, pout. She’ll say yes, and then you get to see pure joy in her face when the surf hits her. Then take her to Britto’s and treat her to a seafood platter – watch her expression as she digs into the sublime taste of an assorted platter of calamari, squid, fish, mussels and crab! Walk around the beach road in the evening and get her to buy girly stuff like jewelry, clothes, bags, faux silver stuff, or even cashew and fridge magnets – whatever catches her fancy. Take her to the St. Alex church on Chogm road during a service, and then take a photo with her outside in front of the statues of saints and angels. Then head straight to Shiva Valley for dinner. Introduce her to the music we listen to – psy trance, and dubstep. If it’s too noisy for her, drive her away to Thalassa – the billowing white curtains and the Gyro platters of veggies, lamb or chicken will really blow her mind. Post dinner, take her to Siolim House you would have booked earlier – the charming heritage property will bring a smile to her face, and Mom is going to go to her antique bed knowing you turned out okay!

From Kolkata all roads lead to Darjeeling

Go tea tasting at Darjeeling

Go tea tasting at Darjeeling

It’s called the queen of hills, and this time of the year, it’s the perfect place to visit with mom – clear skies, an open panorama, and a beautiful weather. Spend your morning at the Darjeeling Zoo – Mom probably took you there to see the red panda when you were a kid, and now it’s your turn to show her the snow leopard. From there, head to Tiger Hill – while sunrise here is phenomenal, there is nothing like a late morning view of the Khangchendzonga on a clear day. You may even get to see Mt. Everest and Makalu. Have a quick lunch at the iconic Glenary’s – the wooden floors, the linen tablecloths and the magnificent sizzlers here are going to make this a very pleasant lunch! Then, take her for a ride on the Toy Train – go all the way to Ghoom, and hold her hand throughout the way as the train chugs languidly through the beautiful terrain here. Take a cab back from Ghoom, and head straight to Keventer’s for the evening cuppa. Take a photo of her with Khangchendzonga in the background – the sunset colours on it will make this her most beautiful photo! Polish off their ham sandwich with a cup of hot chocolate and then walk up to the Mall Road – have her buy Chinese umbrellas, dolls, and other completely unnecessary things. If she looks tired, a good steaming Darjeeling brew is not too far – Nathmull’s is right on the mall. Go enjoy their sample tea tasting, have a contest with mom – and even if you have had more teas than her, buy her a pretty teapot. And some exquisite Darjeeling tea for home. It’ll be her special throwback to this one day the two of you spend laughing and chatting over Brokens and Fannings.

Drive Mom From Chennai to Pondicherry

Show mum around Pondicherry!

Show mum around Pondicherry!

The last time Mom went to Pondicherry, you were probably a very high maintenance diva and ruined most of her trip with your demands and tantrums. Reintroduce her to the quaint little town and get her to see it anew. If mom has only worn sarees in all these years, get her first to one of the three shopping meccas in the town – Kasha ki Aasha, Kalki or La boutique d’Auroville. Convince her to change into a skirt and beautiful slippers. Even if she refuses to, she’ll still buy yards of jewel-toned  fabric. The two of you can then head to Pondicherry’s beautiful little French Quarter. Marvel at the pretty ochre and blue houses before settling for a scrumptious lunch at Le Club – if she doesn’t like the French food, she can still have their Malabar fish. Go to Auroville after that – Mum will probably enjoy the all-pervading sense of spiritual wellness at the Ashram. In the evening, take her for an ayurvedic massage – soothe those nerves you got in a bunch while you were growing up. Before you have a hearty South Indian dinner at La Coromandel on the promenade, buy her a few boxes of incense from Auroshikha Agarbathies – it’ll fill her days with the fragrance of the day you just spent.

Mom is easy to please – always has been and always will be. Even a little bar of chocolate from the neighbourhood stall will make her happy. But why stop at that when you can put the world at her feet? Go the extra mile and give her a day she will look back fondly through the year, when you are back at work again and don’t have time to hang out with her. Make up for all the times you hurt her or ignored her, because she deserves everything nice. Because she is Mommy, and she gave you the best she could. And then some.

And not just on Mothers’ Day!

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