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Can Papaya Help In Reversing Diabetes?


Can Papaya Help In Reversing Diabetes?

We are dependent on food for our energy requirements. Our food gets broken down into sugar, which the body readily absorbs and powers our daily activities. The hormone that regulates its use is called insulin.

Diabetes is when more significant than average amounts of sugar are detected in your body.

This happens when the sugar released by the food remains unregulated because the insulin produced is less than the required levels or the body refuses to utilise it. This triggers a health disorder that can even lead to fatalities if unchecked.

With advances in medical technology and better insight into the causes that trigger the disease, physicians have not only managed to regulate the release of sugar into the bloodstream of people with diabetes.

Still, in some cases, they have also managed to ‘reverse’ the disease. The reversal of diabetes is a generic term. The clinical reference is putting diabetes into remission.

Is the reversal of diabetes possible?

The condition of diabetes indicates high blood sugar levels in a subject’s body. Its reversal is a state where the sugar levels in a subject’s body remain within the prescribed range over a consistent period.

When such progress is made, the subject is taken off medication and leads a life like any other person. The medical fraternity addresses this return to normalcy as putting the disease into remission.

Reversal of diabetes refers to a possible cure. Since remission depends on a subject, there remains a possibility of diabetes coming back due to behavioural changes.

To avoid giving false hope to people with Type-2 diabetes, the term preferred is remission instead of reversal.

So, can diabetes be reversed?

Symptomatically, yes. Technically, no.

How is diabetes reversed?

The most common pattern in subjects with Type-2 diabetes who succeeded in reversing diabetes was weight loss. People who are obese run a high risk of diabetes. Excess body weight makes a subject vulnerable to this disease.

In a study of the people with diabetes in the United Kingdom, the most consistent benchmark observed in people who managed to reverse the disease was weight loss. It was observed that the subjects who lost around 15 kg managed to put the disease into remission.

Scientists believe that excess accumulation of fat in the liver and the pancreas results in blood sugar imbalance. Weight loss allows the body to revert to the normal status and helps the markers for the healthy release of insulin and blood sugar absorption. This allows people with diabetes to start living a life not dependent on medication.

Does papaya help in the reversal of diabetes?

Papayas, by themselves, cannot reverse diabetes. It is, however, a decent food full of antioxidants, fibre and nutrition, making it a healthy choice for people who are on a weight-loss plan.

Since the reversal of diabetes is most associated with people who manage to shed their body fat, papaya can incentivise weight loss and, consequently, help reverse diabetes.

Benefits of papaya:

Papaya is good for diabetes when consumed in moderate amounts. Here are some of the advantages of including papaya in your diet.

  1. It has a moderate Glycemic Index. Glycemic Index or GI is a value that helps one determine the speed at which glucose is released into the bloodstream upon consumption of food. The lower the GI, the better it is for people with diabetes. Papaya scores 60 on the GI metre, which makes it food with a moderate sugar rush.
  2. Papaya is loaded with fibre that helps digestion. Fibre-rich food also keeps you fuller for more extended periods.
  3. Papaya is rich in antioxidants. This helps bring down inflammation and assists your immune system in fighting free radicals and diseases.
  4. Papaya acts as a catalyst for the absorption of protein. Proteins are the most preferred in a diet chart for weight loss and muscle building. Therefore, papaya is good for diabetes.

How do I consume papaya?

Papaya is a fruit. Like any other fruit, it is best to have it raw. You can have papaya fruit salad where you mix it with strawberries and blueberries, which have a low GI. You can make a papaya shake or a smoothie. Avoid adding sugar, as ripe papayas are invariably sweet. It is best to have papayas in the morning or snacks at noon.


So, is papaya good for diabetes? Papaya makes a fantastic low-calorie diet. It has zero cholesterol and is high in fibre which helps digestion. Since it fills and provides a healthy mix of nutrients to a person, it brings down the urge to eat more often and assists in weight loss. It is also rich in antioxidants.

However, the intake of papayas must be moderated. Papaya consumption is not a sure shot method for the reversal of diabetes. It is counted among foods with moderate GI. Papayas can be alternated with food items with low GI, such as apples, berries, pears, oranges and apricots.


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