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This Is How You Can Use WhatsApp Without Internet – NO HACK ! !


This Is How You Can Use WhatsApp Without Internet – NO HACK ! !

WhatsApp is currently the biggest instant messaging service provider in the world. With more than 700 million active user monthly, it has certainly become the most popular app in the market. Whatsapp is not the only app that we use. There is Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many other apps which do consume a lot of our data. And this tempted every user in the world to find some or the other ways to reduce their data consumption.

There are a ton of black hat websites which will teach you many illegal ways to use whatsapp without data charges or internet. But we, RVCJ team are sharing this amazing FACT ( Not Trick ) with you guys so that you don’t end up screwing your smartphones with malwares and Trojan virus.

There is no trick in this, instead there is new sim card for this. ‘WhatSim’ is what they call it. An entrepreneur Manuel Zanella (38 years old), engineer, founder and CEO of a company named ‘Zeromobile’, an Italian based company was the one who came up with this idea.


Manuel Zanella Rngineer in an interview said, “WhatsApp is the future of mobile communications. Its only “limit” is the data connection especially when you are traveling because the roaming charges are expensive and you can’t always find Wi-Fi everywhere and it is not always free. As someone who appreciates and uses WhatsApp, I tried to figure out how to get around this problem. That’s why WhatSim is an extraordinary opportunity for WhatsApp.”

Interested in getting one of those sims, here is the answer.

For 10 EUROS which is approximately Rs 714, You will get a SIM card (standard worldwide shipping is 5 EUROS, roughly Rs. 350) which will provide you unlimited text messaging for a year. While sending and receiving text messages, contacts, documents and location updates via WhatsApp is free, you will have to buy credits for sharing multimedia messages such as videos, photos and voice messages. The credit required for sending multimedia messages will depend on your current location

Zanella further explains, “The solution we have developed is simple and intuitive. With €5 you get 1000 credits that you can use, for instance, to exchange 50 photos or 10 videos in many countries around the world. There are no limits to sharing your position and contacts. This way we guarantee the utmost transparency. Buying a recharge is quick and easy: just go to our website even from your smartphone and soon even from a dedicated app.”

The company is planning to span their wings in different parts of the world which includes almost 150 countries and planning to make WhatSim available via “network of local distributors in over 100 countries.”

whatsapp user

Although this is not the first time when a social media company is planning to collaborate with a Telco company promising to provide unlimited data usage, Last year, Facebook did the same by collaborating with Reliance, although things didn’t go so well due to outrage of many Netitizens on the topic ‘ Net Neutrality’.

Reliance Free Facebook

So, this is how you can use WhatsApp without internet. No technical stuff, no black or white hat tricks, just pure and simple way.


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