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You Can’t Miss These Hilarious Tweets With #ReplaceMovieTitleWithPyaaz Hashtag..!!


You Can’t Miss These Hilarious Tweets With #ReplaceMovieTitleWithPyaaz Hashtag..!!

Hashtags are now a common part of everyone’s life. With the addiction of Twitter and Instagram the usage of these Hashtags have grown enormously over last couple of years. Whether it is an Outrage or a Scam or a Trending Topic everything will have a particular Hashtag for it. Now the Trending Topic is the Onion Price as they are sky rocketing in the last month, Foutunately they have gone down now. Twitter has come up with #ReplaceMovieNamesWithModi on the eve of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Birthday on 17th September.

Now the Twitter Users have started Trending  #ReplaceMovieTitleWithPyaaz 😛

Here are the 13 Hilarious Tweets with the Hashtag #ReplaceMovieTitleWithPyaaz

Sit Back and Enjoy 🙂

1. 3 Onions

2. Pyaaz Mil Gaya

3. Mughal-E-Pyazam

4. Pyaaz Donor (I need One)

5. My Name Is Pyaaz & I’m Very Costly

6. Harry Potter Pyaaz Series

7. Pyaaz Apna Apna

8. Pyaaz Zameen Par

9. Dilwale Pyaaz Le Jaayenge

10. Yeh Pyaaz Naa Milega Dobaara

11. Ajab Pyaaz ki Gazab Kahani

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