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Celebrities & VIPs Need An Appointment to Meet This 14-Year-Old Kid!


Celebrities & VIPs Need An Appointment to Meet This 14-Year-Old Kid!

Do you remember, what did you desire for at a tender age of 14? A bicycle, a video game or the latest Hot wheels collection! Then you need to meet this kid named Rashed Saif Belhasa who has a collection of best and latest shoes and white tigers as pets.

Son of a Dubai-based construction tycoon Saif Ahmed Belhasa, Rashed is a young entrepreneur who co-owns a fashion line and every celebrity visits him whenever they come to Dubai. His sneaker collection can make you feel envy for and Rashid has met almost all the superstars and athletics – from Rooney, Paul Pogba, Messi, Christiano Ronaldo to Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. Even these big names can’t meet him easily. They need to take an appointment with his agent first. Sound weird, huh!

Rashed also possess few unique pets like tigers and a white one too! Take a look


The White Tiger

tiger wala pic

A Glimpse Of His Prized Possession With Steve Aoki


Here is a list of pictures of him with Bollywood stars, footballers and other renowned celebrities to make you sob in jealousy:

1. Salman Khan


2. Shahrukh Khan


3. Lionel Messi


4. James Rodriguez


5. Jackie Chan


6. Paris Hilton


7. Christiano Ronaldo


8. Akon


9. Mesut Özil


10. Wayne Rooney


So, what do you think guys? Does RVCJ also need an appointment to meet this wonder kid? Share your views in the comment section below

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