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Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Shares Recipe Of Grapes Pizza, Twitter Reacts


Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Shares Recipe Of Grapes Pizza, Twitter Reacts

In 2020 during the lockdown, we witnessed many food experiments with people making strange combinations such as orange maggi, milk maggi, ice-cream dosa and so on. However, the difference was that till now common people were making these fusion dishes and now a celebrity chef has shared the recipe of a dish with his audiences that has left many with bad taste. What annoy people more is that the base of this dish is pizza.

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Pizza is one of the most loved food items in the world and people love to have it with different toppings but there are very less people who will prefer to have fruits as toppings.

Yes you read it right! The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver cooked a Speedy Sausage Pizza with grapes in his cookery show and he also shared the video of cooking the dish on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The caption of the tweet read, “You’ve got 1 HOUR until #KeepCookingFamilyFavourites is BACK on @Channel4 and Jamie shows you how to make a speedy sausage pizza with a flavour combo you NEED to try!!”

In the video, he is seen preparing dough and keeping it to rest before rolling it for making base. Then he tossed grapes along with onions and corns, placed it on the base and put it inside the microwave to cook.

Here is the video:

Later on, he enjoyed it with his family.

Jamie Oliver also took a poll asking people to share their opinion about grapes on the pizza, while 17.1 percent were totally ready for it, 17.5 percent were not sure but a big number of people – 65.4 percent were completely against it.

This is how Twitter reacted over this dish:






Will you like to have grapes on pizza? Would you try this dish? Well if you do, don’t forget to tell us how you found it and whether it’s really worth having!

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