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Celebrity Contestant Vikas Gupta Got Frustrated And Runs Away From Bigg Boss 11 House

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Celebrity Contestant Vikas Gupta Got Frustrated And Runs Away From Bigg Boss 11 House

Bigg Boss 11 is getting highly dramatic each passing day. For the first time ever we saw controversies and gossips unfold in the worst way ever and that too in the very first week itself.

From using foul language to getting physical, the rough side of the contestants is already out in the open. We saw last night that Zubair Khan had to make an exit as he tried committing suicide and then he even got eliminated by least votes. On that note, the temperature inside the house is intense and extremely tensed.

Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan had a terrible fight post which Arshi switched her side towards Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta. However, this did not really stop Shilpa from teasing and irritating Vikas even if it meant being alone.

Vikas also took the clash to another level and gave it back to Shilpa and even tried getting physical with her. In between their fight, Vikas did something aggressive that sparked the fire between Hina Khan and Vikas. The two were at loggerheads and things got worse. They had a big fight.

Here’s what happened

Vikas was very upset and frustrated. That’s when he came across one of the exit doors inside the house that was accidentally left open. As soon as he realized that this was one of the exit doors, he immediately made an exit through the door and now he is no longer inside the house. Well, we wonder how Bigg Boss could leave one of the exit doors open but this act of Vikas just made the game more interesting.

We all know that no contestant is allowed to make an exit from the house until and unless Bigg Boss commands them. After Vikas’ this act, we wonder how will Bigg Boss react and so will other housemates especially Shilpa Shinde.

We are super excited, do let us know your thoughts too.

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