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Did You Check Out The List Of Words Banned By Censor Board?


Did You Check Out The List Of Words Banned By Censor Board?

Hey, do you know that India’s Censor Board has put a ban on some words? If not, throw a glance at the below list to be acquainted with the words prohibited to use.


A recent notice issued by the Censor Board of India forbids using about 30 words mentioned in the categories of that certificate incorporating live performances, movies, TV and music.

Central Board of Film Certification circulated a list referring to the words banned for usage in all the certification categories to each regional officer some days back. Let’s gaze at this list in magnify view.


As you can see, there is terminology related to usual English blaspheme together with the words which express them in Hindi language. As you move further in the list, you would find that expressions conveying “Violence against women”, glorifying “Bloodshed” and defining “Double meaning kinds of words” are prohibited too. Additionally, “Mumbai” should not be used with the term “Bombay”, as its name has already been changed in the year 1996.

We don’t know how much authentic this notice is. But here in the image, we can definitely see the signature of Pahlaj Nihalani, current Censor Board chief and film producer.

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