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Check Out How Much The Logos Of These Popular Brands Cost! Some Are Way Too Expensive


Check Out How Much The Logos Of These Popular Brands Cost! Some Are Way Too Expensive

Logo design is extremely vital for a company; after all, it reflects the brand identity. All companies strive hard to design the best of logos, so that their essence and idea is perfectly incorporated. It is due to the logo that we recognize the brand, isn’t it? There are several companies who have spent lots of money to add uniqueness to their brand logo and also make it memorable. However, some have gone way to ahead in terms of spending. Check out how much the logos of these popular companies cost. Today, we are here with a list of 10 and you can’t miss to read. The cost of some will surprise you to no end.

1. Twitter

Twitter purchased the famous blue bird logo on iStockphoto just for $15. The creator Simon Oxley got just $6 for this logo (After the fees).

2. BBC

BBC is a global network and they can in no way compromise on the logo. Hence, they spent a whopping 11.4 crores on it.

3. Nike

Carolyn Davidson designed the logo in the year 1971. The price paid for the logo was around Rs 2,000. However, Nike even gave 500 shares to the designer. The worth of these shares is 3.82 crores.

4. Google

Wow, this logo was designed for free in the year 1998! The designer of the logo is Sergey Bin. Although many changes were made to this logo, the original theme was maintained.


5. Coca Cola

This logo which was designed in the year 1885 finds place in the most oldest logos list. Surprisingly, the designer Frank Robinson didn’t charge anything for designing it.

6. Pepsi

Arnell Group designed the logo and it is damn pricey. Want to know the cost? Well, it’s a whopping 6.36 crores.

7. Accenture

Oh My God! Accenture spent 636 crores on the logo itself! This must definitely be among the priciest ones.

8. Microsoft

Microsoft is smart and they used in-house team to design this logo; obviously, they didn’t have to shell even a single penny. It cost them $0.

9. Symantec

This is the most expensive logo in the list. The company spent 8150 crores just on the logo. Is it really worth it?

10. British Petroleum!

It’s hard to believe but British Petroleum did spend 1343.5 crores on the logo!

Do you know cost of other logos? Feel free to let us know.

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