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Check Out The Most Useful Hidden Trick In Your Phone Dialer..!!


Check Out The Most Useful Hidden Trick In Your Phone Dialer..!!

Have you ever observed that your phone dialer has 2 hidden options along with the digits from 0 to 9?? Still didn’t get it? Look clearly at the last row in your phone dialer, you will get 2 options p (,) or w(;) by long pressing * and #. These two options in phone dialer are very much useful in IVRS calls.



In basic model Nokia phones, press * four times to get ‘w’ and press * three times to get ‘p’In most of the Android devices ( by long pressing * or 0 or #) ‘w’ is replaced with ‘;’ and ‘p’ is replaced with ‘,’.

Here’s the actual purpose of p and w: 

In the keypad ‘w’ means wait and ‘p’ means pause. These 2 inputs are used for IVRS calls. Let’s take an example of Airtel’s Customer (complaint) care number 198, it takes approximately 2 -3 minutes to listen to all the instructions and only after following all those we can talk to the customer care executive. In this process first we need to press 1 then wait for the some time and press 2 wait for the instructions and lastly press 9 to speak to the executive. A lot of time is wasted in this process. So instead use p(,) or w(;) to make these calls hassle free.


We can use pause or ‘,’ to call quickly. Save the contact as “198,1,,,,,,,2,,,9″  (Works in Hyderabad, may change for others), here ‘,’ pauses for 2 seconds before triggering 1 as input. Similarly after triggering 1 it will wait for 14 seconds ( each ‘,’ takes 2 seconds time) and then it will give the input as 2 after that again after 6 seconds it will give input as 9 which will take to the customer care executive directly without any manual entries.


We can also use wait or ‘;’ for this purpose, just save the contact as “198;1;2;9″  here ‘;’ waits for our permission before giving the output. Remember to press Yes at the correct time. Your job will be done in one step.


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