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China Court Orders Man To Pay Wife Rs 5.6 Lakh For Housework & Raising Son As He Seeks Divorce


China Court Orders Man To Pay Wife Rs 5.6 Lakh For Housework & Raising Son As He Seeks Divorce

There is no doubt that the most thankless job in this world is the job of a homemaker despite the fact that there is no time schedule for her work as she starts working from the early morning and works till late night. She doesn’t get a holiday and she is also not paid a single penny for the hard work that she does. What is more disturbing is the fact that most of the times her efforts are not even given proper respect that they deserve.

If you remember some time ago, the actor turned politician Kamal Haasan spoke in regard to recognizing housework as a paid profession and he also got the support of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Twitter but nothing happened on the real lines.

However, it seems that things will change soon as a Chinese court has given a revolutionary decision in this regard. While giving judgment in a divorce case, the court in Beijing ordered the husband to pay compensation to his wife for the housework that she did when they were living together after marriage.

They got hitched in the year 2015 and when the husband filed for divorce in the court, the wife urged the court for monetary compensation and she also told that her hubby neither helped in her household chores nor in raising their son. During the judgment, the judge said that usually the tangible property is divided among the couple in the time of divorce and he valued housework as the intangible property.

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The judge ordered the husband to pay his wife 50,000 yuan (Rs 5.6 lakhs approx.) for the housework that she did during their marriage of 5 years. As per the new civil code, the spouse has the right of compensation in the case of divorce if she has borne more responsibility in raising the kid, taking care of the elder family members and helping her partner in his work.

Twitter users have also reacted on this matter and praising the court for the landmark ruling. Here are some of the selected tweets:







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