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China Says Its Wuhan Lab Deserves A Nobel Prize, Leaves Twitter Furious & Annoyed


China Says Its Wuhan Lab Deserves A Nobel Prize, Leaves Twitter Furious & Annoyed

The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc almost in each country of the world and surprisingly the developed nations which had better medical facilities were also not able to handle the situation in a proper manner. Around 39 lakh people have lost their lives worldwide due to COVID-19, many people lost their jobs and many businesses had to shut down as they were not able to survive the COVID-19 lockdown.

In the beginning, it was said that COVID-19 originated because of the bats which were eaten by the Chinese, later on it was reported that the COVID-19 virus is man-made and it had been created in a Chinese lab which is in Wuhan.

However, the Chinese government has always denied these allegations despite the fact that the former American President Donald Trump was so sure about it that he never hesitated in calling this virus as Chinese virus.

While many nations of the world are demanding a proper investigation for ascertaining the source and nature of COVID-19 (whether it’s man-made or not), the spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhau Lijian has made a demand which has annoyed the whole world.

Zhau Lijian stated that just because the genome sequence of the lethal virus was first identified by the scientists of China, it doesn’t mean that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan or was created by Chinese scientists. He further added that the team at Wuhan Lab should not be slammed but they deserve to be awarded with Nobel Prize in Medicine for the research that they have done on COVID-19.

Soon Twitter went berserk as people were not able to believe that even such a statement can be made by the Chinese spokesperson. This is how netizens expressed their annoyance and anger:
















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