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The Cleanest Village In Asia


The Cleanest Village In Asia

Scams, rapes, robberies, loot are the things which remain in the headlines of Indian e-media and newspapers. But alongside all this, there are many good news which gets totally ignored by all media or newspaper. Let me show you a good and beautiful news. 🙂

The travel magazine, Discover India declared Mawlynnong as the cleanest village in Asia in 2003 and the village still holds its 1st position even after 11 years. urlmaw11

Mawlynnong is about 100kms away from Shilong, Meghalaya. Next time you visit there, you’ll see a board titled “Welcome to Mawlynnong – God’s Own Garden” at the entrance of the village and you’ll see the rules which helps to maintain its cleanliness.


(Women cleaning the roads)

Now the things which helps the village to remain as the purest in the whole Asia.

  • Children are taught to keep clean the area around their houses as soon as they reach 1st grade in school. If they don’t do it, they won’t get food.
  • You’ll find a dustbin in almost every corner of the village. And even the dustbins are made of bamboo. So the dustbins are eco-friendly as well. Spiting or throwing of garbage anywhere is strictly prohibited.
  • The garbage collected from the dustbins is then kept in a ditch and it is then converted to compost at the last.
  • Plastic bags are totally banned. Anybody seen using a plastic bag will be fined.
  • Cutting trees are also strictly prohibited.
  • Every family of this village has a toilet in their house.
  • The village has a 100% literacy rate which is just outstanding and in addition almost everyone can speak English.


Pic Credit – Lydia Ao

You’ll get to see –

  • Waterfalls.
  • Living Bridges.(Bridges made by tress and their branches)
  • Bamboo-made guest rooms.
  • And many more natural-visuals.

So are planning to go their in the holidays? Are you excited to see this place?

PS – Go there and have fun spending few days in the nature’s lap but please don’t spoil the beauty of the “God’s Garden” by breaking the rules.


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