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Clear Your Doubt, Read & Know If You Are In Love Or Is It Merely Infatuation.

Clear Your Doubt, Read & Know If You Are In Love Or Is It Merely Infatuation. RVCJ Media


Clear Your Doubt, Read & Know If You Are In Love Or Is It Merely Infatuation.

Gone are the days when loving someone meant to be with the best through the best and the worst. Everything has now been cut down as per convenience. Is it because people have realized that Life is not a fairy tale or Is it because they individually is more capable to keep themselves happy? Being a true blue romantic buff, I feel disappointed for the fact that our generation has been classified into “Use & Throw” category.:)

People come in our life for a purpose and leaves after teaching the lesson. But it is vice-versa now, we enter by our choice and leave after the requirement is over. I just hope, if this was not true. Previously, terms like Infatuation, Attraction seemed to exist, but today it is all about, LSD to sum it all (read: Love, Sex Aur Dhoka). 


One more point to be added here is the fact that everybody has started earning so well that the dependency level has reduced. As a result, we have turned our love to money more than Man. 

When we were in school we only understood the meaning of love through our parents or Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. But today, Romeo has turned into “Roadside Romeo” and Juliet is the “S**y Sheela”. But is it only the generation whom we can blame? Is the society also has a large part in spoiling the relation? No Offence to anybody, but the opposition couples face these day from parents and society and the rise in Honor killing has deterred people from taking the relationship to a next level. After all truly life is more precious to anyone. 

If this is not enough, then the pressure to earn a certain salary, “Gaadi n Baadi” – (Car & Own House) are equally important. Chetan Bhagat was so right when he said In India, it is not only about love, and it is about different stages that you have to cross. What are we left with is little love in the race of meeting expectation and all affection goes into haywire. 

Does Being in Love Has Turned Old Fashioned? Or Is it more about the comforts of life has distracts us from loving someone unconditionally?

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