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Confused About Jio’s Latest Announcement? All Questions Answered In Simplified Manner!


Confused About Jio’s Latest Announcement? All Questions Answered In Simplified Manner!

Yesterday JIO’s press release gave all of us a shock. TRAI has asked JIO to pull off Summer Surprise Offer and Jio even agreed that they will follow the orders of TRAI.

Under the Jio Summer Offer, its customers could avail additional 3 months of free services with Jio Prime subscription of 99 Rupees and 303 recharge. Jio gave an extension till 15th April to recharge with Rs 99 + Rs 303. However, TRAI has asked Jio to cancel the extension period.

Everyone is worried what will happen to those users who have already recharged with Rs 99 + Rs 303 (or higher plan). What if we recharge Jio with Rs 99 + Rs 303 today, will we get JIO services free for 3 months? Well we have answer to all of your questions.

Here are few questions addressed regarding Jio Summer Surprise to make it simple for our users:

What is the Jio Summer Surprise all about?

Every JIO PRIME member – when they make their first paid recharge prior to 15th April using Jio’s Rs 303 plan (or any higher value plan) – will get services for the INITIAL 3 MONTHS on a complimentary basis. Your paid tariff plan will be applied only in July, after the expiry of the complimentary service.

What is the last date of Jio Summer Surprise?

As per the new order, TRAI has asked Jio to withdraw the extension of 15 days. Jio has accepted TRAI orders but it will take couple of days to withdraw this extension offer completely.
Last date to recharge with Rs 99 + Rs 303 is still not revealed.

What are the benefits under this Summer Surprise offer?

The Summer Surprise is available on Jio official website and MyJio app. You are eligible for the offer only if you have subscribed for Prime membership and recharged for 303 plan or higher value, then you can avail free services for another 3 months.

Already have Jio Prime Membership, you get Summer Surprise benefits

If you have enrolled for Jio Prime membership, you get the Summer Surprise benefits only if you have purchased the recharge of 303 or higher value packs.

I recharged Jio with Rs 303 before 31st March or before 6th April? Will I still get Jio Summer Surprise Offer?

Yes, you will get 3 months free complimentary benefits even if you recharged your Jio with Rs 303 (or above) before 6th April. Users who recharged with Rs 303 (or above) before 31st March will also get 3 months free benefits.

Did Jio already withdraw Summer Surprise offer?

Well Jio has played very smartly here. They have replied TRAI in a diplomatic way. Read Jio’s exact reply to TRAI:-

Today, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has advised Jio to withdraw the 3 months complimentary benefits of JIO SUMMER SURPRISE. Jio accepts this decision. Jio is in the process of fully complying with the regulator’s advice, and will be withdrawing the 3 months complimentary benefits of JIO SUMMER SURPRISE as soon as operationally feasible, over the next few days.

Jio has clearly mentioned that they will withdraw this offer as soon as possible and obviously it’s not done yet. You can still get benefits of JIO SUMMER SURPRISE offer because it is still active.

What if I recharge Jio with Rs 303 (or above) today? Will I get 3 months complimentary benefits?

Yes, as answered above. Jio is still in process to revoke this offer and they have not stopped it immediately. You can still get the offer if you recharge it now. However, Jio can withdraw this offer anytime but as of 7th April 2 PM, this offer is still working.

How are you so sure that Summer Surprise Offer is still available

Well, if you don’t believe us then here’s screenshot from Jio’s official website:-

It clearly mentions that “Jio summer surprise offer to be withdrawn in the next few days”. It also mentions that “All customers who subscribe before discontinuation will remain eligible for the offer.” Recharge it now and you will surely get 3 months free benefits.

What happens if you fail to get the Jio Summer Surprise

If you don’t avail the Summer Surprise offer then you will have to pay for the services anytime soon. The last date for the same was 31st March which is now extended to April 15th. With TRAI canceling the offer, there is doubt currently whether the grace period is also canceled or not. In case it is canceled, then you will have to pay for services as a non-Prime user.

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