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Congress Alleges PM Modi Robbed India & He Knew About Nirav Modi Scam. Check Out Tweets


Congress Alleges PM Modi Robbed India & He Knew About Nirav Modi Scam. Check Out Tweets

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government are under constant attack by the opposition over the fraud taken place in one of the Mumbai branches of Punjab National Bank. It’s one of the biggest frauds happened in Indian banking industry and is said to be worth Rs. 11,400 crore.

The prime accused of the fraud is Nirav Modi, a jewellery and diamond merchant who is also known for his flamboyant lifestyle and lavish parties.

The businessman has already fled from India in January in order to avoid arrest. Congress is alleging that PM Modi is behind this fraud and Nirav Modi was being protected by his government.

The official Twitter handle of Congress has charged allegations against PM Modi and demanded answers to some questions whether the Modi government was helping Nirav Modi or what the Finance ministry was doing at that time when the fraud was done.

Questions have been raised because the written complaint was received by the PMO on July 26, 2016, and Congress asked as to why no action was taken for so long. Congress also asked whether PMO was trying to give time to Nirav to leave the country.


Congress took to Twitter and wrote, “PM Modi’s office received a written complaint about the Nirav Modi Scam in July 2016. Yet the PM chose to look the other way giving Nirav Modi ample time to leave the country. Why so silent PM Modi? #ModiRobsIndia”

Its other tweet read, “The Modi Govt needs to come clean about its inaction on the Nirav Modi Scam. Were the authorities sleeping or was Nirav Modi receiving protection from the top levels? #ModiRobsIndia”

The Congress party has been very aggressive on this matter as Nirav Modi also attended the Davos meet and there are photographs in which Nirav Modi and PM Modi can be seen together.

It tweeted, “Billionaire Nirav Modi steals 12,000 crores right under the nose of the Modi Govt and flees the country. Ironically, Nirav Modi was later spotted with PM Modi in Davos.”

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