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Cop Forcefully Entered Girl’s Cab & Said ‘Tere Baap Ki Gaadi Nahi Hai”. Twitter Thread Is Viral


Cop Forcefully Entered Girl’s Cab & Said ‘Tere Baap Ki Gaadi Nahi Hai”. Twitter Thread Is Viral

We have always highlighted the positive deeds done by our Mumbai Police. Time and again, they have helped us with our problems and also, they have left no stone unturned to entertain us with their witty tweets. They are always concerned about our safety and we thank them for that.

However, an incident has come to light and we are thinking, “Does power give them right to do anything?” Authority if used in the right manner is appreciated, but one wrong step can backfire.
Unfortunately, some tend to misuse it and this is exactly what a cop did.

She shared her experience and said,

“My cab was stuck in traffic near CST when a guy in @MumbaiPolice uniform opens the door & sits in front seat. He orders us where to drop him. He barged into cab without asking. When I ask him what he thinks he is doing, he says “jidhar bola hai chalo. I told him to get off or I will call @MumbaiPolice and he says “main hee police hai. Abhi chalo, Teri gaadi nahi hai ye. I told the driver not to move until he gets off. This man finally gets off. Shouts cuss words at me & tells me “tere baap ki gaadi nahi hai.”

Twitter thread of a female journalist Rachita Prasad is going viral and she described how a cop forcefully entered her cab and used cuss words. Well, the man was in Mumbai Police officer’s uniform and without any decency, barged into the cab. Here’s how she narrated the entire incident.

Even Mumbai Police is stunned over this entire incident. Here’s what they replied;

“Regret your inconvenience. We are trying to establish the identity of the person for further action. Zonal DCP has been asked to monitor”

Hope such incidents stop as soon as possible. People like these are a black spot on our society. What do you have to say about this?

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