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The Cost Of This Selfie Is Whopping Rs.8 Lakhs, What’s So Special In It?


The Cost Of This Selfie Is Whopping Rs.8 Lakhs, What’s So Special In It?

Haven’t you heard people taking selfies in funeral? Most probably, YES.

You must have heard of people dying while taking selfies – Definitely Yes

And, the one that we are going to tell you about is another level of maniac. There are people who are mad over clicking a perfect selfie that they don’t mind going to some real mad level. Something similar happened with this lady from Chandigarh, Neelam Sharma.


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Neelam was in attendance a wedding function of her elder sister. And, going by the rituals – She was busy taking selfies with the guests and of course herself. Little did she notice, that her bag which had 300 grams of gold worth Rs 8 lakhs and Rs.1500 cash was slipped in front of her eyes? While she was busy clicking from the front camera.

This incident took place in Mohini Resorts at Chandigarh. Thankfully, CCTV footage was captured and the person who took away the bag was spotted. It was 11-year-old boy who picked up the bag, while she was taking selfies. Well, for us this more astounding, a kid robbing a selfie crazy girl.

Indeed this selfie costed her a bomb, and she won’t dare to take a selfie from now on. Or at least will be fully aware of her surrounding while doing so.

Have you ever done something like this which costed you a bomb?

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