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Could A Wrong Number Lead To Happiness? Well, Khushi Found It.

wrong number

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Could A Wrong Number Lead To Happiness? Well, Khushi Found It.

We all know how annoying the wrong numbers are! Most of the time, there is just a random stranger trying to contact someone but accidentally connects with you and there begins a rise of a socially awkward situation.

But are there other possibilities, too? Let’s take Khushi, as an instance. Her long-gone ex-boyfriend does not talk to her anymore. She cannot see his WhatsApp DP and her messages do not deliver to him as there is no sight of double ticks.

Every night, she would come home, text his ex-boyfriend Rajat and tell him all about her day, look at the single ticks as if they would turn into double ones, get disappointed and doze off. Her roommate keeps telling her to stop with this depressing routine and sleep on time. But Khushi? She is so faithful.
wrong number
One fine day, she randomly checks her phone and the messages are delivered! She checks it again and obviously could not believe her eyes. As soon as she could digest the fact, her phone beeps and there is a message from Rajat that says, “Hey Khushi!”

What would happen next? Has Rajat decided to come back in her life? Or life is just playing with her?
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