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‘Why Couldn’t You Keep Your Knees Together’ Judge’s Question To Rape SURVIVOR Ignites Social Media Outrage


‘Why Couldn’t You Keep Your Knees Together’ Judge’s Question To Rape SURVIVOR Ignites Social Media Outrage

First things first. From now on I urge all my readers to kindly use the word ‘Survivor’ instead of ‘Victim’ for a person who has been raped or subjected to any kind of sexual assault. Using either of the two words does make a huge psychological impact on her. Survivor signifies someone who fought a fight whereas victim signifies something way worse than what she went through.

Karla Jacinto, A Rape Survivor

Karla Jacinto, A Rape Survivor

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The case goes way back in 2014 where a 19-year-old homeless girl was raped by a man whose name was Alexander Scott Wagner in a bathroom sink during a house party in Canada. The trial took place in Calgary, Alberta City, Canada.

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Reportedly, the provincial court judge, Robin Camp, not only oversaw the trial of Alexander Scott Wagar but also asked controversial questions to the survivor, one of which was, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”
He also tried to suggest her by asking that why didn’t she just sink her bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate her.

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This irked many people and they took this to twitter to show their frustration.

After Robin Camp’s controversial statement were released in public, there were a lot of complaints asking for his formal written apology for being insensitive towards the rape survivor. Robin Camp underwent training and counseling where he is expected to interrogate his beliefs and improve his understanding of the law, the social context of sexual violence, and the psychological impact of a sexual assault. He now assures that the counseling has made him a better, more compassionate person, and that because of his change of heart, he should be allowed to remain on the bench. In the complaint it is also mentioned that Robin Camp referred the woman as “The Accused” for multiple times during the trial.

According to a local newspaper, Robin Camp acquitted Wagner because the rape survivor had asked him if he had any condom after which it was an “an inescapable conclusion (that) if you have one I’m happy to have sex with you”.

The most parenthetic question that the judge asked was, “Why she allowed the sex to happen if she didn’t want it?”

There is a reason why we call such things as RAPE, they force themselves on her. She doesn’t invite them

Although a five-member committee will look into the Robin Camp’s case and will decide whether he should be allowed to remain on the bench at the Federal Court despite his comments. Many people are against the notion and demands his resignation from the post.

Now many people might target me or our website for bringing up this story which actually comes far away from India. But our motive is not to target Indian judges or anything remotely related to that. Our motive was to target the mindset of people who thinks that its a girl’s fault for inviting such kind of troubles for herself.

For those people who say that girls going to clubs and parties, drinking alcohol do want such kind of things to happen with them, here is a piece of advice that I want to give to them. A GIRL DOESN’T NEED TO GET DRUNK TO GET LAID, MEN DO ! !

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If you have any additional information regarding the latest happening on this case, please feel comfortable to share it with us in the comment section below ! !

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