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Couple Flying On A Kite In Hindi TV Serial Makes Twitter Go WTF, Watch At Your Own Risk

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Couple Flying On A Kite In Hindi TV Serial Makes Twitter Go WTF, Watch At Your Own Risk

The Indian television serials are a source of entertainment for a majority of the Indian population, comprising mainly of housewives and as many of these serials are aired on each day of the week, the scriptwriters certainly have a tough job to do as they have to write new content for every day.

However if you have been watching TV for the past few years, you must have noticed that the Indian serials are becoming completely illogical; the scriptwriters are writing whatever they want and the makers are showing completely nuisance.

In the past we have seen doctors using Scotch Brite for giving shock to patients, blood sugar levels are measured by BP monitor, couples are getting married accidently, a person even steals a piece of moon for his girlfriend and so, so on.

Logic, intelligence, wisdom, common sense and stuffs like these have no place in Indian serials nowadays but all the limits have been crossed in TV serial – Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani. In one scene of this serial, all the family members are flying kites and the female villain cuts the thread of hero’s kite in a little violent manner because of which the hero falls from the building. While the hero is falling down, the leading lady also jumps from the building and suddenly she holds a kite which is very big in size and then she also catches hold of the hero and saves his life as well.

Here is the video, watch at your own risk, don’t blame us later 😉

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The video soon went viral for obvious reasons and netizens were shocked to see the sequence. While many questioned science and logic, few asked what the makers and writers smoke for coming up with such shit and some others talked about the new low Indian serials are stooping to. Check out some selected tweets:
















Indian television industry is definitely in wrong hands, what do you say? Have you also watched this show or serials like this where illogical and stupid stuffs are served and people are still watching them with keen interest? Share with us.

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