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This Couple Might Be Jailed For 10 Years For Walking On Road With 3.2 KM Long Saree


This Couple Might Be Jailed For 10 Years For Walking On Road With 3.2 KM Long Saree

Marriage is a big event in a person’s life and everyone wants to make it special by doing unique or extraordinary things. However, sometimes this desire may land an individual in trouble too, like this Sri Lankan couple.

Couple in trouble for the bride’s extremely long saree:

Yes, you read it right! A Sri Lankan couple recently made headlines for their extravagant marriage ceremony but for all the wrong reasons.

As reported by AFP, they used 250 children of a state-owned school to carry the bride’s 3.2-kilometre, i.e., 2 mile, saree, which was not at all a good or praiseworthy idea.

That’s not all! Even more amazingly, 100 school kids played the role of flower girls and all the 350 children belonged to a school which has been named after Sarath Ekanayaka, the provincial CM as well as the ceremony’s special guest. It is the longest saree ever worn by any bride in Sri Lanka and the couple walked down the main road in Kandy’s central district.

National Child Protection Authority’s take:

National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) began a probe into the matter here’s what Marini de Livera, chairman of NCPA, stated,

“We have started an investigation. We are going all out because we don’t want this to become a trend.”

As per Marini de Livera, using school kids during school hours for these kinds of activities is illegal and for this crime, the violators may face 10 years of imprisonment.

In the words of NCPA chairman,

“What they [the wedding party] did is a violation of child rights. Depriving children of education, risking their security and harming their dignity are criminal offences.”

We completely agree with Marini de Livera and condemn the act of the couple. A strict action should be taken against them as soon as possible. What do you say?


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