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This Will Be Cutest Love Comics You Will Ever Share With Your Partner

This Will Be Cutest Love Comics You Will Ever Share With Your Partner RVCJ Media


This Will Be Cutest Love Comics You Will Ever Share With Your Partner

It is said

Love is one of the most sincere feeling and hardest to express in words

If not words, it can and is always best expressed in small actions and moments spend with the partner. It can best expressed in small gestures. And these small incidences is what makes the person fall in love with you, again, all over again, everyday.

Capturing these moments of life in a series of comics, artist Philippa Rice has won many hearts over the internet so far with her web comic, named Soppy. Very well, she managed to portrait the small – small incidences every couple wish to live together, experience together. And these are the incidences which strengthen the relationships for a lifetime, gives power to live all the ups and down of life together and sail through them smiling.

1. Love is Preparing Meal Together

love comics 001

2. Love Is Doing What You Like, Even After Being In The Same Room

love comics 002

3. Love Is Snuggling Into Each other The Way You Want

love comics 003

4. Love Is Starting And Ending Your Day With Same Routine, Everyday Together

love comics 004

5. Love Is Even In Purchasing You Grocery For the Next Week Together

love comics 005

6. Love Is A Long Silent Hug, Which Communicates Everything All By Itself

love comics 006

7. Love Is Taking Small & Big Decision Together, Which Also Includes What To Order For Tonight

love comics 007

8. Love Is Accompanying The Other Person Even in Rain, Just Being Together

love comics 008

9. Love Is Living Many “First Moments” Together, including Small Things Like First gas bills

love comics 009

10. Love Is Reading Together In The Bed 

love comics 010

11. Love Is Trying To Build small Things Together.. Those D-I-Ys for that matter

love comics 011

12. Love Is Making Those Cute Requests, Even If They Sound Funny

love comics 012

13. Love Is Trying To Cook A New Dish Together, Sharing Instructions 🙂 

love comics 013

14. Love Is Pure “Telepathy”

love comics 014

15. Love Is Morning Bed-Tea, Along With Those Endless Meaningful Chats

love comics 015

16. Love Is Staying Cozy In The Same Couch Together 

love comics 016

17. Love is In Those Long Awaited “Dinner Dates” 

love comics 017

18. Love Is Living Through Changing Seasons Together, And Those Long Walk Down The Lane

love comics 018

19. Love Is Making Up For Your Mistakes, with A Vanilla MilkShake

love comics 019

20. Love Is Sleeping In Your Partner’s Lap

love comics 020

21. Love Is Walk Close To Nature Together, Be It The Park Next Door

love comics 021

22. Love Is  In Fighting For Your Side Of the Bed And Then Sleeping Out Of Turn

love comics 022

23. Because, These Small Things Make You Fall In Love With Each Other, Everyday, All Over Again

love comics 023

24. … And Makes Life beautiful

love comics 024
Source: Soppy, A Love Story, Philippa Rice

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