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Dale Partridge Showed Real Meaning Of Love In His FB Post. We All Were Wrong All This While.


Dale Partridge Showed Real Meaning Of Love In His FB Post. We All Were Wrong All This While.

The century old debate on what is love, actually will go on forever. It is still going strong among people of all the races and classes.

It was never too easy to define what love is. Philosophers and thinkers and scientists, all have their own individual perceptions to define it with.

But, love on the other hand will remain undefined. Love as written down by poets in their love poems is never just that for everyone alike. It is quite complex though.

Still love is a mutual feeling in all human beings. It is a sacred feeling evoked by many a things in every human. We often tend to mix happiness and joy with it also.

Recently, a person call Dale Partridge wrote a post on love, on his official Facebook account. There he tried to define or rather show by an array of well written phrases what love truly is.

He wrote that Love is hard to understand.Love has two sides like everything else, which besides being feeling happy comes in with lot of adjustments as well.

Though our cultures define love having just one side, but it is more than that. Love comes with a transparent nature of projecting things that requires our willingness to correct each other as well.

He mentioned that loving someone is hard, you should be with that person through thick and thin. You should voice your opinions on matters, which will make your love more strong.

Last but not the least he requested everyone to stop believing in one sided love, love is all about truth and trust. So, we should not fear to love or be loved back. Being lovable requires effort and we should definitely do so.

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