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Dalit Man Brutally Killed In Tamil Nadu & His Wife Is Serious In Hospital. Reason Will Shock You


Dalit Man Brutally Killed In Tamil Nadu & His Wife Is Serious In Hospital. Reason Will Shock You

On Sunday, a couple was attacked by three men who came on a motorcycle in a busy area of Udumalaipettai town, Tirupur district, Tamil Nadu. The attackers thrashed the husband Sankar (22) to death while the wife Gowsalya (19) was also brutally attacked but she is still alive and getting treated in a local hospital.

The couple got married eight months back and it is said that both the families were against this marriage since they both belonged to different castes.

It is assumed that the atrocious incident is most probably the case of honor-killing as the husband was a Dalit while the girl belonged to Thevar community. The whole heinous crime was shot in the CCTV camera and the footage from News Minute shows that the attackers pulled the husband on the pavement and thrashed him till he stopped moving; after that, they attacked the wife too.


Sankar was a third-year engineering student; his father Velu Samy told a news channel, “We thought her parents would accept them but it has ended in this bloody tragedy. We’ve lost him.”

Ganeshan, Sankar’s cousin told this to a news channel, “We are pallars, also known as devendra kula vellalars. The girl is from a higher caste. The girl’s family was unhappy initially with the wedding, and they even came and threatened her 15 days ago, but the girl did not go back.”

He further added, “We suspect that they were hacked due to the inter-caste marriage.”

The police has launched a massive man hunt for the attackers of the couple.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the incident:

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