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Dangal Finally Created History On Its 19th Day! Makers Are Proud Of This Achievement!

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Dangal Finally Created History On Its 19th Day! Makers Are Proud Of This Achievement!

Dangal had already taken the Box Office by storm; it was busy breaking records, one after the other and there was no end to it. First it was 100 crores, then makers eyed for 200 crores; then the main goal was 300 crores to beat Sultan and the final milestone was 350 crores, which no Bollywood movie has achieved till now.

We all know it is “DANGAL” and for this movie, nothing is “IMPOSSIBLE”. On the 19th day too, the movie stayed strong. Let’s have a look at the collections…

With 4.35 crores on the 18th day and 4.03 crores on the 19th day, the movie has finally broken a BIG record. Yes, it has left all Bollywood movies behind and successfully entered the 350 crores club; the total stands at 353.68 crores. This is indeed a proud moment for the Dangal team. 3 Idiots was the first movie to achieve 200 crores club, PK was the first movie to achieve 300 crores club and now, Dangal is the first movie to cross 350 crores club.

Even though Aamir relaxes for next 2 years, it wouldn’t matter as he has already achieved more than expected, don’t you agree?

Have a look at the milestones!

We would love to see more movies like these; Dangal has not only surprised everyone with its perfection, but has also increased our movie selection standards. The makers now eye for the 400 crores club, do you think it’s possible?

Day 2- Rs. 34.82 crores

Day 3- Rs. 42.41 crores

Day 4- Rs. 25.69 crores

Day 5- Rs. 23.09 crores

Day 6- Rs. 21.20 crores

Day 7- Rs. 20.29 crores

Day 8- Rs. 18.59 crores

Day 9- Rs. 22.72 crores

Day 10- Rs. 31.27 crores

Day 11- Rs. 13.45 crores

Day 12- Rs. 10.46 crores

Day 13- Rs. 9.23 crores

Day 14- Rs. 9.12 crores

Day 15- Rs. 6.66 crores

Day 16- Rs. 10.80 crores

Day 17- Rs. 14.33 crores

Day 18- Rs. 4.35 crores

Day 19- Rs. 4.03 crores

Total- Rs. 353.68 crores

So what’s your take on the collections? Do share in our comments section below….

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