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Day 1 Collections: 2.0 Fails To Beat Baahubali 2 At The Box Office On The First Day

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Day 1 Collections: 2.0 Fails To Beat Baahubali 2 At The Box Office On The First Day

Although 2.0 has managed to garner positive reviews from most critics and has met with a tremendous reaction from the audience, Rajinikanth has unfortunately failed to beat Prabhas at the box office.

2.0, which released on Thursday, saw a fantastic response from the audience, with it hitting more than 4000 screens across the country. This is a tremendous achievement considering the fact that it is a Tamil film.

The Hindi version of the film had collected a little more than 20 crores on the first day, whereas in the case of Baahubali 2, the Hindi collections had been a whopping 40 crore plus.

The all India collections for 2.0, across all languages, was approximately 65 crores, which is more than half of what Baahubali 2 made on it’s first day. The all India collections for the latter was 123 crores, across all languages.

It was expected that 2.0, with the hype that had been created, would also cross the 100 crore mark on the first day itself. But there were quite a few factors that were not in the film’s favour.

For instance, the film released on a Thursday which is not a holiday. Moreover, multi screen theatres in metropolitan cities showed poor occupancy as compared to the single screens.

Baahubali 2 Day 1 Collections (All languages) – 123 crores.

2.0 Day 1 Collections (All languages) – 65 crores approx.

However, the weekend is here. In the first weekend, we’ll have to wait and see if 2.0 can overtake Baahubali.

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