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Day 2 Collections For Zero Are Out, The Numbers Have Not Improved Yet


Day 2 Collections For Zero Are Out, The Numbers Have Not Improved Yet

On the opening day, Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero failed to make a lasting impression. This could be due to a number of reasons, including online piracy or fake reviews.

But whatever the case may be, the film made only 20.14 crores on the first day in India and roughly 2 crores overseas. SRK must be highly disappointed by now.

The film had set the bars really high, and we had hoped for a good film to end the year with. While Bauaa Singh certainly won us over, audiences clearly aren’t liking the performances.

On Day 2, the collections of the film are 18.22 crores. This makes the total of the film roughly 38.36 crores. Although the numbers have not improved overall, this could mean potential improvement over the weekend.

The film had hit over 5000 screens, and it was expected that the film would do better in the first weekend. However, fans have given their verdict.

In fact, fans are being brutally honest about their reviews on Twitter and other social media. This could be one of the major reasons why less people are turning up to see the film.

In fact, When Harry Met Sejal, which also starred Anushka Sharma and SRK, had done better on the opening day. While this film earned 15 crores on day 2, Zero reeled in 18.22 crores on the second day.

Day 1 Collections of Zero – 20.14 crores.

Day 2 Collections of Zero – 18.22 Crores.

Total : 38.36 crores.

Let’s see how the film does on Sunday.

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