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Delhi Police Caught The Murderer By WhatsApp Within Just 30 Minutes!

Delhi Police Caught The Murderer By WhatsApp Within Just 30 Minutes! RVCJ Media


Delhi Police Caught The Murderer By WhatsApp Within Just 30 Minutes!

It is often said that social media apps spoil people’s life and waste the hell of a lot time, but after reading this news, you will be compelled to change your opinion!

A decree that Delhi cop issued pleading each staff member together with SHOs for getting on WhatsApp, an app used in Smartphones, made certain superior synchronization as well as proved to be of a great assistance in solving murder mysteries. Recent breakthrough in regard with this matter emerged on Tuesday as soon as Connaught Place cop got to the bottom of a soldier’s murder in merely 30 minutes. For this, they circulated CCTV footage plus videos on WhatsApp among themselves.

Selvaraj, belonging to Kerala and posted in the border of Kashmir, went to his home on leave. To return back to ‘48th battalion’, his unit, he went to New Delhi by train. Thereafter, he hired an auto for boarding a linking train that could facilitate him reach Kashmir, as stated by Mukesh Meena, New Delhi’s joint commissioner of police.

As the auto arrived at Connaught Place, the soldier ceased for purchasing a beer bottle; the time had been about midnight. Right there, a drunk guy pleaded Selvaraj to get him alcohol too. At this, the soldier became annoyed and indulged in a dispute that shortly grown to be a fight. The drunkard stabbed him with the ice pick where a strike made by the man pricked his heart. Meanwhile, a person walking by notified the cop about the incident. Soon, Mukesh Walia, SHO (CP), accompanied by his team got a move on the location. Mukesh, giving an example of speedy action, started examining CCTV recording from the stores close at hand. The murderer was soon recognized by the ones who witnessed.

The suspect’s pictures as well as video had been spread by the cop to the region’s officers. Not only this, they created a WhatsApp group too in which the intoxicated person’s physical description was shared. Messages too started flashing on wireless and policemen on patrolling scanned the whole vicinity.

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In just 30 minutes, two officers apprehended 3 suspects and began interrogation with them in detail. One of those three was found the murderer. In addition, the weapon with which assassination took place was also discovered and a case got filed against the killer.

Deepak Mishra, special commissioner of police, praised the cop’s attempts.

In his words, “Using technology has always borne fruit. We have asked all districts to use internet-enabled platforms in policing and congratulated the team for swift action.”

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