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Delhi Police Has An Epic Reply To Twitter User’s Silly Question Over COVID Weekend Curfew


Delhi Police Has An Epic Reply To Twitter User’s Silly Question Over COVID Weekend Curfew

The COVID-19 outbreak is once again wreaking havoc in the country as COVID-19 positive cases are increasing at a high rate and the new variant Omicron is making things worse for people as well as the government. The national capital New Delhi recorded more than 17K COVID-19 cases on Friday and there is good possibility that the number of cases may cross the 20K mark on Saturday (today).

In view of the increasing cases, the Delhi government decided to impose weekend restrictions in the city. At one fell swoop, the Delhi Police decided to have an online Q&A session in order to answer the queries of citizens regarding details of the restrictions that will be imposed. Many citizens asked genuine questions but there were some who were not so serious about the situation and they tried to have fun at the expense of the Delhi Police.

However, such citizens ended up getting trolled as the Delhi Police gave some really epic answers.

One online user asked whether they can play cricket with social distancing and mask and the response that the Delhi Police gave was very funny as they used cricketing terms in their answer which made many people laugh.

The tweet read, “Can we play cricket with social distancing and mask…”

The Delhi Police responded with, “That’s a ‘Silly Point’, Sir.  It is time to take ‘Extra Cover’. Also, #DelhiPolice is good at ‘Catching’.”

Twitter users also reacted to the Delhi Police’s tweet and praised the police department for giving the taste of their own medicine to such users. Here are some of the selected tweets:

The government departments have now understood the importance of having a strong social media presence and all the departments, especially those that have to deal with the citizens directly are leaving no stone unturned in making themselves available online in order to help people in a prompt manner.

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