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Desi Twitter Hilariously Trolls ‘Pure Vegetarian Water’ Ad Campaign!


Desi Twitter Hilariously Trolls ‘Pure Vegetarian Water’ Ad Campaign!

Water is vital for known forms of life and most importantly the only thing that the world doesn’t discriminate as a vegan or non-vegetarian product. Well, that’s what we knew until now because now vegan water exists. Yes, you did hear it right!

Whenever we purchase any products you might have noticed food packets either has a green dot or red dot to create the awareness among the buyers are they purchasing a vegetarian product or non-vegetarian product. As per the act passed by the Food Safety Standard Act 2006.

Recently Prestige launched a water purifier and to market their product to make they have used the green dot as their purifier ensures it’s pure vegetarian water!

In 21 years this is the first time ever I have come across Vegetarian water. However, readers, you need to hold on because the company just said the water which we drink is Non-vegetarian?

Prestige believes Most water purifiers and boiling water kill germs, bacteria but the chemically killed germs and bacteria remain in the water. Hence it makes the water NON-VEGETARIAN not Vegetarian Water. But Prestige LifeStraw uses Ultrafiltration with hollow fibre technology physically removes all bacteria and viruses which makes the water VEGETARIAN.

Twitter is in a shock after knowing about the 100% VEGETARIAN WATER and desi twitter expressed their lovely reactions for the company’s ideologies:












Now you guys decide you wanna have Vegetarian water or Non-Vegetarian water?

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