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Dhoni’s Ex GF Raai Laxmi Speaks A Lot About Her 5 Yr Long Affair With Him!


Dhoni’s Ex GF Raai Laxmi Speaks A Lot About Her 5 Yr Long Affair With Him!

When Julie 2 hit the headlines, everyone was surprised to see how Sanskari Pahlaj Nihalani has turned distributor for the same. Another thing that created a lot of buzz was Raai Laxmi, the lead actress.

Raai Laxmi has been very popular in the South and has done several films; in fact, she enjoys a huge fan following in that region. Julie 2 has not come easy to Laxmi; she had to cut down 7.5 kgs so as to get a perfect figure.

Well, we all know about her affair with M.S Dhoni; she has not preferred opening up about the same, but finally, in an interview, she chose to spoke about it.
Talking to The Quint, the South-Indian beauty not only talked about “Julie 2” but also put our curiosity to rest by talking about MSD. Well, they were in a relationship for almost 5 years.

Finally, Raai Laxmi speaks about Dhoni!

When the reporter asked her if her career was affected owing to the relationship, she said,

“It didn’t affect my career. But it seems to have made a permanent place in my reputation.”.

Slamming some media houses, Raai Laxmi said, “The strange part is the headlines in Mumbai make it seem as if I am seeking some kind of publicity.”

How she met M.S Dhoni!

Well, she explained how and when she met Dhoni. Raai Laxmi said,

“I was a sports enthusiast from school, won many medals for games. And I wasn’t crazy about any one sport. I wasn’t a cricket fan as such. I was just a sports fanatic when I met Dhoni. One thing led to another, and here I am still answering questions about him when I have moved on. He has moved on.”

She doesn’t understand why media gives immense publicity only to Dhoni. Talking about that, she said, “I’ve been in 4-5 relationships since. No one asks about them although my boyfriends were well-known. Why MS Dhoni?”

It’s true that sometimes, media goes to any extent, which is why the past keeps haunting people.

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