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Did Kohli Put Pressure On Selectors? Finally CoA Chief Vinod Rai Answers It


Did Kohli Put Pressure On Selectors? Finally CoA Chief Vinod Rai Answers It

After Anil Kumble resigned as the coach of Indian cricket team, people started raising fingers at Kohli. Many actually felt that Kohli must have pressurized the management to remove him as the coach. People thought so because Kohli has many powers as a captain.

No doubt, he’s a brilliant captain and a superb player, but we don’t think he will put pressure over such things.

As of now, Kohli is alleged to have a “Disproportionate influence” over decisions of BCCI. However, the Chief of COA i.e. Committee of Administrators Vinod Rai openly spoke about this issue and clarified things.

He has very interactions with Kohli and is aware of his behavior. Talking about any captain interfering in decisions, he says, “Any captain will exercise a certain amount of influence on the team. I am in favor of allowing that flexibility and discretion to a certain degree. After all, the captain carries the cross.”

However, talking specifically about Kohli’s influence on policy decisions, he says,

“But I will make it clear that nobody has come to me and said that Virat exercises influence, which is disproportionate to what a captain should be enjoying. At a personal level, Virat’s behavior with me has been absolutely proper. Virat has never pressurized me for anything. Neither the team management nor selectors have ever had any complaints about Virat.”

With this, it is indirectly clear that Virat Kohli has had no influence whatsoever on Kumble’s resignation. This revelation by Vinod Rai is infact a good answer to shut mouths of all the trollers, don’t you think so?

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