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Different Types Of Teachers That We All Come Across


Different Types Of Teachers That We All Come Across

There are various types of teachers that we come across everyday. Some are good while some are torturous as F. Here is a list of types of teachers. OK! Let’s do thiiiiiiis.

1. The Chipko Chep Teacher

These belong to the most annoying category in the teacher fraternity.

2. The ultimate beauty

How the F can anyone concentrate when a teacher like her teaches. HOW?

3. The silent killers


Teachers like him are more into discipline and less into teaching. They will hit you if you breaks any laws, but never bother going through the curriculum. They hardly speak, but when they do, its with a cane.

4. The tharki teacher


These look like as if they have been abused or are sexually frustrated. I mean, look thy face. Creepy as Hell

5. That one teacher you’ve always had a crush on

This lady is the most popular staff memers, and makes every student drooling like a baby.

6. The eye candy

These newly appointed teachers make students go nut with their beauty and brain.

7. Our very own virus

Image Source : 1,2

Every college in a virus. NO, not Trojan wala virus, WE are talking about the discipline freaks, who make life hell in college. They are least concerned about the psychological stress the student goes through. And that is the reason behind so many failures.

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