Digvijay Singh Insulted Narendra Modi Through An Abusive Meme. Gets Roasted

The concept of throwing potshots on the leaders of the rival party is nothing new. In politics, it’s a common thing to notice and there would be hardly and politician who has not ever done this.


However, the Congress General Secretary and Ex CM of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh crossed all the limits and showed a really pathetic version of him by sharing an abusive meme on Twitter which was meant to be a potshot on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While posting the meme he claimed that it’s not his but couldn’t stop sharing. He also asked apologies in advance which means he was aware of the meme’s intention and what will follow after sharing it.

Here’s how his caption read –

Not mine but couldn’t help posting it. My apologies to the person concerned. He is the best in the “Art of Fooling!”

And here’s the picture in case the tweet doesn’t load above.

As soon as he posted the meme, Twitter started roasting him really hard. Have a look at some of the reactions-










It’s indeed very shameful for Digvijay Singh to use those words for country’s Prime Minister when he himself is a politician. Criticism is constructive and should be done in a positive way only. What do you think?

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