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“Disappointing To See Kapil Dev Mock Mental Health,” Kapil Dev Slammed For His Views On Pressure


“Disappointing To See Kapil Dev Mock Mental Health,” Kapil Dev Slammed For His Views On Pressure

The mental health is an important aspect of our lives and the best thing is that people have shed their inhibitions and started talking and discussing about it. Many factors play a role in making a person suffer from depression and what is more worrisome is that many youngsters are suffering from depression in the modern day times.

Some time ago, the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli also talked about the importance of mental health and the need of discussing about it but recently, the legendary former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev made fun of the cricketers who complain of pressure which they feel due to playing competitive cricket and he also talked in a hilarious manner about depression.

While speaking in an event, Kapil Dev states that many times he hears cricketers talking about pressure of playing in the IPL. He further adds that if there is passion, there should be no pressure and if they are feeling pressure, they should not play.

Kapil Dev goes on to say that he is not able to understand the American words such as pressure, depression, etc. because he comes from a rural background of a farmer where people play for enjoyment and there can’t be pressure if someone plays for enjoyment.

He further talked about his visit to a school where students of class 10th, 11th, etc. told him that there is a lot of pressure. The former cricketer stated that these kids study in air conditioned classes, fees is paid by their parents and teachers can’t hit them but still they are experiencing pressure. He added that he told them to convert pressure into pleasure because pressure is a very wrong word and when someone is in love with something, there can’t be any type of pressure.

Here is the video:

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The video clip soon went viral, while there were few who supported and agreed with Kapil Dev’s views, several others slammed him for making fun of the mental health.

Here are some selected reactions in support:

These netizens trolled the cricketer:

Kapil Dev is the first Indian cricketer under whose leadership India won its first ODI World Cup in the year 1983 and he is certainly one of the greatest all-rounders of all times who have played for India. Though Kapil Dev is a living legend, still the mental health issues are really serious in present times and they should be dealt in a proper manner.

What do you think in regard to Kapil Dev’s opinion about the mental health and pressure? Share your views with us.

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